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Dear Collegues,

I really would like to attract your attention on a project, that starts from our Academy, but that we really would like to also open to you and to your artists.

In the last days, I was meditating with my Director, about the latest horrible facts that have happened in Europe and in the world. We have just closed an year, full of wars around the world, and, in the final months, we have been literally thrown again in the nightmare of terrorism.

To help the destroying of people certainties’, this violence wave also hits the cultural heritage and this demonstrates how culture and art are considered by the aggressors a basic value to be destroyed.

So, we have made considerations about PEACE: is it still important for people? Is it a condition that made people free? For sure yes! But in this moment it is threatened by the war that takes with it destruction and reset human societies and their culture.

But our meditations have gone beyond this concept because this is not completely exhaustive for us. We have more to give. We have ART. We teach to our students and through our colleagues, the most beautiful concept in the world: ART.

So we have thought that there’s a possible reply to what we have said above: ART CAN BE THE ANSWER, because it has the power to speak a UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE THAT CAN OVERTAKE ANY BARRIER.

So, we have create a virtual space on our blog: PAX’ISSIM’ART.

In this “space” we are asking to students, teachers, and users, to make their considerations on this concept. If they think to have any kind of material that they want to show on it (essays, pictures, illustrations, poetries, paintings, installations…), they can send it to us for its online publication.

But we are also thinking on how it would be great, if, this GOOD WAVE, would arrive also to you. And this would be important even to strengthen our relationship beyond the mobility of our mutual students and teachers or staff. This would be a concrete sign of ART WITHOUT BOUNDARIES AND AGAINST VIOLENCE: ART FOR PEACE, PEACE FOR ART.

So, we really would appreciate if you would promote this activity through your users and let us know.


Thank you very much for your attention

Ilaria Manzoni
Deputy Director

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